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Southern California
Racers Against Drugs

Our services are available to schools and other organizations. Our services are free of charge.

Racers Against Drugs is available for schools and organizations in San Diego County

Racers Against Drugs
is a non-profit organization made up of race car drivers, crews, and racing enthusiasts. Our message is:

"Reach For Dreams, Not Drugs!"

 We have a program that we provide to schools and other youth related facilities where we interact with the children. We talk about driving safety, drugs and how to say no, what to do if a friend is on drugs, making good choices and believing in yourself. We charge nothing for our program. We are all volunteers that believe in our message.
Please call us at 760-330-1088 to schedule an event!

Thank you drivers and team members!
Most of our volunteers race at Barona Speedway on the Barona Indian Reservation in East San Diego County North of Lakeside. The drivers and teams volunteer their time and equipment to make these events happen.
It is only through of their generosity that we are able to offer this free program to help Southern California's kids stay on the right track.