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A partial list of past event locations. There were many, many more.
Cardiff Elementary
Marshall Middle School
Montgomery Middle School
Whitman Elementary
Lemon Crest Elementary
Lindo Park Elementary
Audubon Elementary
Fire & Safety Expo
San Diego County Fair
Mount Vernon Elementary
Bostonia Elementary
Carlton Oaks Elementary
Numerous Boys & Girls Clubs
Mother Goose Parade
Ocean Beach Christmas Parade
Chase Elementary
Crest Elementary
Dehesa Elementary
Monte Vista High School
Granite Hills High School
Grossmont High School
Camp Pendleton Marine Base
Miramar Naval Base
Barona Speedway
Cajon Speedway

State Senate Certificate

The California Senate presented a certificate of recognition signed by Senator Steve Peace to Racers Against Drugs for our Red Ribbon Week activities.

Southern California
Racers Against Drugs
Our services are available to schools and other organizations. We charge no fee for our services.
Contact Jessica Schaffer at 760-330-1088
to schedule an event at your school or organization.
What we do..
We take race cars to schools and other events as a means of getting the kids attention and then...

1.  we give a safety presentation that gets the kids interacting with the presenters.

2. We segue to the drug use prevention presentation, keeping the kids interacting with us and the school staff.

3. After the presentation there is an autograph session.

4. The students and staff members have access to the race cars as a fun, positive feeling to go with reception of the message.
What we do animation.
Racers Against Drugs is available for organizations in San Diego County
 El Cajon
                                  Car Show
SD Fair 2013 

Oak Creek Cars
Left Side Cars

Racers Against Drugs is available to come to your school or event in the San Diego area.

We believe that children can be whatever they choose to be, as long as they reach for their dreams, and not drugs.
We use racing as a means to reach the kids. We have many different venues of racing involved in RAD, and will gear our presentation to suit your particular needs. Each child in attendance will receive a RAD pencil and all drivers will be available for autographs. Please give us a call, and we will be glad to help in any way we can.

We charge no fee for our services. 

Contact: Jessica Schaffer at 760-330-1088

Reach us by mail at:

Southern California Racers Against Drugs
PO Box 944

Lemon Grove, CA 91946-0944

Interested parties may attend our monthly meeting at:
Pernicano's Family Restaurant - El Cajon
1588 E. Main St, El Cajon, Ca. 92021
The meeting is on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM